If you are interested in purchasing an image or licensing one, please contact me via the Contact Jerry page.  

Include the image title and in which Gallery the image is located.


Provide exact print dimensions and type of paper on which you prefer to have the image printed.


Prints between 10X16 and 12X18 are $150.00 (Large)

Prints between 8X10 and 10X14 are  $100.00 (Small)

Prints that fall outside of the above two size ranges are $125.00  (Medium)

I will work with you to print the image to your exact dimension.

My cost to ship and package your image is around $25.00; however there is 'NO' cost to you.  Tax is also embeded in the price of the image.




Image license conditions are varied.  Contact me via the Contact Jerry page.


Note that 70% of purchases and licensing proceeds is donated to one of the non-profits on the Favorites Page. Thirty percent is held for expenses.